Keynote with Ditte Lysgaard Vind
27 April 11.OO AM - 11.3O AM

Day 1 - 27 April 2O22

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Keynote with Ditte Lysgaard Vind

11.OO-11.3O Designing for circularity

Danish design has long been revered for its high quality of both aesthetics, material and craftsmanship. For enabling sustainability at the core without any compromises on the design. The challenges of the early post-war era that shaped Danish design as we know it today, are somewhat similar to the crisis we face today with climate change and latest the global covid-19 pandemic. So what lessons are there to be made, and why should we care about how a bunch of Scandinavian eccentrics succeeded with making long-lasting furniture and product designs still treasured today?

This talk will offer valuable insight to the origins of Danish design, and how the ideas and beliefs of the industry back then can be key to creating new and sustainable solutions battling today’s crisis. Furthermore, introducing the reader to some of the best danish design solutions and how designing for circularity –the danish way play a crucial role in creating a regenerative future.

What we will see is that designers’ creative ability to think across traditional materials, methods, and business models, and not least to produce attractive products while doing so, can deliver impactful global change. BUT we need to challenge the status quo and dare to imagine a new way of being – to design a prosperous future in the Anthropocene.


  • Ditte Lysgaard Vind, Founder, The Circular Way