Building a Nordic Value Chain for Plastic Waste

27 APRIL | 10.15-11.00 | MAIN STAGE

ReSource Denmark is the first large-scale plastic sorting facility in Denmark, scheduled to be operational in the beginning of 2024. There is a need for an improved infrastructure for sorting plastic waste in Denmark, and with a capacity to sort 160,000 tons of mixed plastic waste annually in recyclable factions, ReSource will be a game changer for the plastic waste market in Denmark and beyond! ReSource is ready to receive plastic waste from all municipalities and waste companies, ensuring new life to plastic waste.

During this session, you will hear from ReSource Denmark’s newly appointed Plant Director, Lars H. Kristensen, who will tell more about how ReSource is no longer just a vision, but soon a reality that will be a key facilitator in order to solve Denmark’s plastic waste issue.

But where will the plastic waste come from and what will happen to it?

ReSource’s primary role in Denmark is bringing together stakeholders who want to contribute to increasing the recycling of plastic. However, its capacity is so extensive that it can also process plastic waste from other countries in the EU and the Nordics, enabling us to take a few more steps towards CO2 neutrality and circularity.

We have invited Ralf Schöpwinkel, CEO of Polynate – Circular Plastic Solutions, to join us on stage, to talk about securing plastic feedstock. We will also be joined by Chris Lach, CCO of Quantafuel, who will give an insight into what happens to the plastic waste after it has been sorted and how chemical recycling of plastic compliments mechanical recycling, significantly increasing the overall recycling rate.


Lars H. Kristensen
Plant Director
ReSource Denmark 

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Ralf Schöpwinkel
Polynate – Circular Plastic Solutions

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Chris Lach

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