Will it only be Rich People that can Afford to Buy Eggs in the Future?

26 APRIL 12.30-13.00 | MAIN STAGE

Circular transformation is one of the hottest topic in the world and more and more start to understand the challenges with today’s Take-Make-Dispose economy and still it is difficult to make the transformation.
At the session today we will make a quick deep dive into two different waste streams that contains huge number of resources that is not utilized today. It is the phosphorus in the fish poo and sewage sludge that in total can replace more than 100% of today’s import from Russia to EU.

In an article published by The Observer from the 12th of March 2023 the “alarm” is ringing, especially when it comes to phosphorus. Scientists warn of ‘phosphogeddon’ as critical fertiliser shortages loom | Pollution | The Guardian

In the session you will meet Jan Svärd , the CEO of EasyMining with solutions that will bring back nutrients like phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium in recirculation. But also, you will meet Lotte Vang from Hjørrings municipality, one of the mots progressive cities Denmark when it comes to circular transformation of nutrients.

But we will also during the session visit the project in Norway that has the potential to produce huge amounts of energy and phosphorus from fish poo Norwegian fish poo can power 600,000 households and supply entire countries with phosphorus (ragnsells.com) and listen to Einar Wathne, NCE seafood innovation I Norway.

The session will be led by Pär Larshans that is the Director of sustainability for Ragn-Sells Group and also CO-chair for ICC international working group on circular economy. Larshans was clear in his speech from the 8th of October 2022 at the World Custom Organization that if we don’t start to recirculate phosphorus soon, we will see huge challenges to feed the growing world population ”Not only rich people should be able to buy eggs in the future” (ragnsells.com)


Pär Larshans

Director of Sustainability

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Jan Svärd


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Einar Wathne

Chairman of the Board  NCE seafood innovation In Norway
Managing Director, Bioakva Consult

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Lotte Vang

Chef for Grøn omstilling
Hjørring Kommune

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