Innovative Sustainable Packaging Technology

26 APRIL 13.00-13.45 | MAIN STAGE

The transition towards a more sustainable alternative to commodity plastics has become an urgent need. The stakes are incredibly high and quite critical – environmental sustainability efforts are a global need especially as regulatory pressure continues to mount. In addition, these challenges are complex and systems-based and qill require collaboration across industries.

The Swedish firm PulPac has developed a patented dry molded fibre technology that rivals commodity plastics in both performance and cost with enhanced sustainability profiles. Join this session to get practical insights and perspectives on innovative sustainable packaging solution that minimises the use of plastics in food, drink, consumer health, and FMCG industry.

Expected takeaways from this session:
– Newest insights on sustainable products & packaging
– Knowledge on how to create viable, low-cost, and scalable alternatives to plastics
– An overview of PulPac’s technology and why it is the world’s only patented dry molded fibre technology for converting cellulose fibre into packaging
– Perspectives and live examples of how PulPac and PA have come together to tacke specific single use plastic challenges using a unique take on industry collectives.


Anthony (Tony) Perrotta
Sustainability & Regenerative Economy Expert
PA Consulting 

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Viktor Borjesson
Chief Partnership Officer

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