Nordic Circular Collaboration Possibilities and Experiences

26 APRIL | 12.00-13.00 | STAGE 3

The Nordic Region is seen as a role model with regards to the environment and climate solutions. The high standard of living and high consumption also calls for being frontrunner in finding solutions.

Changing to a more circular economy will be an important step in reaching climate goals and there is an overall objective to make the circular economy-thinking more mainstream in the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries closeness and homogeneity calls for building upon solutions knowledge and value chains within the Nordic countries.

The aim of Nordic Circular Hotspot as a network and a facilitator is to accelerate the transitions to a circular economy in the Nordics to share knowledge and identify next practice to design out waste and pollution, reduce consumption, keep products and materials in use as long as possible and regenerates eco-systems.

This session will have the focus on Nordic collaboration and the result so far from the Nordic Circular Hotspot. The session will also touch upon the Circularity Gap Report done in Norway and Sweden and how the results have been the basis for discussion, policies etc.


Kristina Hafoss

Secretary General
The Nordic Council Secretariat

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Cathrine Barth

Natural State and co-founder
Nordic Circular Hotspot

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Josefina Sallén

Focus Area mgr. Circular Transition,
RISE Sweden
Nordic Circular Hotspot (Partner)

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Carl Jensen
Participating in the Swedish Circularity Gap report
Project manager

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Betina Simonsen
Lifestyle & Design Cluster (CEO)
Nordic Circular Hotspot (Partner)

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