Scale and Transform Your Business with Nordic Circular Economy Playbook

27 APRIL 13.45-14.45 | STAGE 1

This session will present learnings and challenges for Nordic Manufacturing companies to scale and transform circular business models. It will showcase good examples and give the audience great tool to help their company innovate, adapt to the future, and become circular.

The Nordics aim to be the most sustainable and integrated region by 2030, with circular economy playing a key role in this transition. To support this journey, the Nordic Council of Ministers have through Nordic Innovation raise awareness and knowledge on circular business models with 140 companies through workshop series.

The workshop series have identified key barriers to scaling and transforming circular business models, including overcoming internal resistance and prioritization in People and Culture, enhancing cross-functional and external collaboration, addressing financing challenges in investment and funding, and navigating regulatory hurdles with clearer, incentivizing legislation.

Accelerating the shift to a circular economy requires incentives, collaborations, distinct policies, sustainable finance frameworks, and support from research and industry organizations in the Nordic region.

Join our session to learn more and get inspired on how to leverage circular business models in your business!

Welcome by the moderator
Sofia Forsberg Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Accenture

Status of circularity in the Nordics and what is needed to scale, including introduction of Nordic Circular Economy Playbook 2.0
Anna Töndevold, Nordic Sustainability Strategy Lead at Accenture

Panel discussion – What are the opportunities and barriers for scaling circular business models?
Mats Mauer Pettersen Senior Business Developer, Norsk Gjennvinning
Ilary Ranalli Sustainability Specialist, DFDS
Sofie Adamsen Circular Business Project Manager, Grundfos

Questions from the audience led by the moderator
Sofia Forsberg Sustainability Strategy Consultant, Accenture


Mats Mauer Pettersen
Senior Business Developer
Norsk Gjennvinning

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Ilary Ranalli
Sustainability Specialist

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Sofie Adamsen

Circular Business Project Manager, Environmental Center of Excellence

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Anna Töndevold
Nordic Sustainability Strategy Lead
Accenture Nordics

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Sofia Forsberg
Sustainability Strategy Consultant
Accenture Nordics

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