Building Closed Loop Net Zero Community Farms for a Sustainable Future

27 APRIL 14.45-15.15 | STAGE 3

HeartFoods helps to transform the food system from a linear model to a circular economic model.

Learn how:
– HeartFoods Community Farms utilize food waste to transform how local communities grow healthy food.
– HeartFoods is a food waste to food production operation with a closed loop net zero design that includes net zero waste, net zero energy, net zero water and net zero carbon.
– HeartFoods touches on all four parts of the world’s food system that must be transformed: Production, Processing, Distribution and Consumption.

Transforming our Food System:
HeartFoods is a design-build-operate entity contracting with customers to build their own net zero, food waste to food production farms, in any location or climate worldwide.

HeartFoods farms upcycles food waste to create a liquid organic “live-culture” fertilizer (using our proven proprietary biological method) to grow healthy vegetables, fruits, berries, and greens with hydroponics, indoors, year-round, and to help restore and/or enhance farm soils for increased crop production for those seeking regenerative agricultural solutions.

HeartFoods provides the key ingredients for customer success, including: the initial custom design work, site planning, business plan development, turnkey construction, operations start-up and support, key staff training, ongoing technical assistance, and supply of proprietary biological additives.

HeartFoods helps to transform the food system from a linear model to a circular economic model.

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Mark Buehrer

PE, Director, CEO
HeartFoods Group, PBC (a public benefit corporation)

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