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What is LOOP?






Waste, ressources & circular economy

Planetary resources are under pressure. Population growth and dramatically growing middle class result in rising consumption. At the same time, growth of single-use consumption paired with increasingly short product life means more and more resources are being used – resulting in ever-larger waste volumes. Roughly half of European greenhouse gas emissions originate from resource extraction and processing. Circular economy is the solution – a transformation that rethinks the use of resources, focusing on minimal-waste production.
LOOP is the leading Nordic forum for waste, resources and circular economy.
LOOP combines Danish strong points – innovation, design, and sustainability – showcasing knowledge, experience, experts and networks across industries and value chains.

Economic gain

To achieve targeted CO2 reductions, it’s crucial to detach economic growth from resource consumption by undertaking a circular transformation into sustainable production with resource-efficient usage of materials. Circular economy is thus designated as one of the most central aspects of the EU’s Green Deal and is projected to account for half the abated CO2 Europe achieves on its way to becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent in 2050. A long series of requirements for waste and resource management are underway, meaning that it’s necessary to transform the way we collect, process, and utilize waste and resources. Furthermore, reducing resource consumption along with improving recycling and reutilization of resources constitutes a big economic opportunity for companies and organizations. Sustainability equates to competitiveness, and demand for circular solutions and products is growing.


LOOP Forum is a co-creation and collaborative forum to accelerate the circular transition across industries. Nobody can be circular alone, therefore we take a holistic approach in the way we plan the annual event.
• Stage content is created in collaboration with partners and addresses the most relevant topics for your target group. All stage content will always be approved by LOOP Forum
• In order to make the best flow for exhibitors and visitors, we work with a dynamic trade exhibition stand plan – also taking stage content into consideration. When booking a stand, please let us know your preferred stand allocation. The trade exhibition stand plan will be available 8 weeks before the event
• We always do our absolutely utmost matching PARTNERS - CONTENT - EXHIBITORS - VISITORS in order to create maximum value for all the involved parties
• Circularity isn’t easy, but we are aiming to be a zero waste event and encouraging our partners and exhibitors to bear that in mind too when planning your participation
• With our holistic approach we are always open to do things in a smarter and more sustainable way, so if you have any ideas or suggestions, please do reach out to us

We support the Global Goals